Our Lady of Loretto Parish

Contact Information:

8925 S. Kostner

Hometown, IL  60456



Our Mass Schedule


Weekend Masses:

 Saturday   5pm

 Sunday     8:30 & 11:15am


 Weekday Mass:

 Monday - Saturday   8:15am


  Sacrament of Reconciliation:

  Saturday afternoon 4:00-4:45pm



  2nd & 4th Sundays of the month after the 11:15 am Mass


 Holy Hour

Thursday 4-5 pm, Mackin Chapel



Daily after Morning Mass



Our Mission Statement

Our Lady of Loretto

 A Roman Catholic Community,

 Embracing the Gospel of Christ,

 As a Welcoming, Caring, Family of Faith.



 Welcome to Our Lady of Loretto Welcome to Our Lady of Loretto Parish. We are a very friendly, family centered, and welcoming community, united as one family through Jesus Christ. Our Church is located in Hometown, Illinois, fifteen minutes southwest from downtown Chicago. Through the various organizations, ministries and programs of our church, we grow, learn, socialize and teach one another. Through our worship and celebrations as a faith community, we grow in the love of Jesus Christ. We have been blessed by God in countless ways, but, especially through individuals and families that compose our parish. With the grace of God, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the love of Christ may we journey together as a light of faith, hope and love for one another, our families and our communities. Rev. Thomas S. Cabala Rev. Thomas. S. Cabala, Pastor

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  • "To Teach Who Christ Is"

    Archbishop's Message


    Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


    On the day my appointment by Pope Francis as the Archbishop of Chicago was announced, Cardinal George noted that transitions in leadership always have the benefit of bringing a fresh set of eyes. I can tell you that my eyes have remained wide open with delight as I have seen firsthand the unique qualities of the lay men and women, priests and religious of this great local Church. There is an unparalleled strength and vigor in Chicago’s Catholic community, which has historically been recognized far and wide, to the point that many dioceses in our country have been blessed by the deep faith and dedication of people from here.


    All of this makes me quite honored to be your archbishop and to take up the task of leading an important effort begun by Cardinal George, namely, the To Teach Who Christ Is capital campaign.


    The Cardinal shared with me the needs which the campaign will address and why the very ambitious goal of $350 million has been set. A majority of the funds raised will be returned to parishes for their unique needs. Building strong parishes is essential to current and future generations of Catholics, and $150 million will directly benefit the needs, and reward the efforts, of our parishes. Also vital is ensuring Catholic education is always available to families in need. A second $150 million is being directed to the newly established Catholic Education Scholarship Trust to ensure scholarship awards are available to our children, our grandchildren, and even their children! This endowed fund truly helps guarantee excellence in Catholic education in perpetuity. How exciting it is to see faith formation being taken to a new, innovative level, and support given to catechists, as well as facility and life safety issues being addressed at our most vulnerable churches and properties.


    My simple request to you is to join the thousands of Catholics across the Archdiocese who have already pledged a gift to the campaign. By coming together to support the needs of today and tomorrow we not only will benefit from our partnership with one another, but also be true to the rich heritage of our ancestors who built our churches and schools and established educational and social programs that have enriched all of our lives. We can have that same kind of impact on the Church for years to come, ever faithful to our call To Teach Who Christ Is.


    Sincerely yours in Christ,


    Most Reverend Blase J. Cupich

    Archbishop of Chicago


  • Our Lady of Loretto Campaign

    Our Campaign Begins this Summer

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  • Campaign Prayer

      Campaign Prayer

                     Almighty and ever-loving God,

    Your Son is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    As his disciples, we follow his way,

    Believe his truth, and live his life.

    Heavenly Father,

    raise up a new generation of disciples

    with fervor and eagerness

    to teach and proclaim Jesus Christ,

    risen from the dead,

    the One who tells who we are,

    shows us how to love,

    and assures our salvation.

    Bless this Archdiocesan Campaign

    "To Teach Who Christ Is."

    Lord God,

    may donors discover in themselves

    your gift of a generous and sacrificial spirit

    that flows from a love for the Church

    and supports her mission

    to teach who Christ is.

    May the pattern of holiness,

    the Virgin Mary, Christ's mother and ours,

    open our hearts anew with the desire

    for your will to be done,

    through Jesus Christ,

    your Son and Our Lord.